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School Report & Preparing for Clinics

May 15, 2018 / OMNI / OMNI News, School Reports

Dear Madam, I have to report to you that OMNI site is safe and sound with normal working activities. The welfare of pupils is reported to in good health together with their families and no illness was reported this week. The staff members are all in good health together with their families and no illness […]

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End of 1st School Term Report

April 30, 2018 / OMNI / School Reports

Term one which started in late January has come to an end today. Students Will be on recess for three weeks and thereafter reopen on Monday 14th May 2018. The students performed well in the term one assessments. We had an open day meeting with the parent and guardians yesterday which was well attended. The […]

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Hope Lutheran Grant

April 15, 2018 / OMNI / OMNI News

Special thanks to Hope Lutheran Church for their continued support of OMNI. Joy DiFranco presented Dr. Henry Maicki, medical director of OMNI, a $12,000 grant from Hope Lutheran Church in Farmington Hills, MI on April 15, 2018. The grant will be used to help finish construction of additional classrooms and ablution block at OMNI’s school […]

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Shoe Donations

March 25, 2018 / OMNI / OMNI News

We were able to provide shoes to all of the students. For many of the children, this is the first time they have ever tried on shoes in their life. When you sponsor a child or make a general donation to OMNI, you provide necessary uniforms, clothes, shoes, food, and education for the students.

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School Report – Ablution Block Progress

March 16, 2018 / OMNI / OMNI News

March 16th 2018, Dear Madam, Reference is made from the above mentioned matter. I have to report to you that: Welfare of students is reported to be excellent and no serious illness was reported to my office. One staff member was hospitalized. The general work performance of staff members is appropriate and very supportive to […]

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School Report: A New Baby, New Teachers, Malaria, Goat Roof, and Vehicles

February 18, 2018 / OMNI / OMNI News

Students reported sick this week is has follows: Grade 1- Noriah is suffering from malaria. Grade 2-Aaron who is suffering from sickle cell, Grade 7- Evelyn suffering from Malaria and Grade 8- Dalacila is equally suffering from malaria. Welfare of staff members is reported to be fair together with their family members and Victor’s wife […]

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January 2018 Business Trip

February 12, 2018 / OMNI / OMNI News

Pictures from the January Business Trip at the OMNI School. New students at the OMNI School receive supplies; Karen Throckmorton, Chriss Ross, and Dr. Maicki with students; and the OMNI School grounds.

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School Updates

February 4, 2018 / OMNI / OMNI News

Dear Madam, The OMNI school is reported to be safe and sound with normal working and learning activities going on. Welfare of the students is reported as follows; Week 2 Grade 1 Mutoya (malaria) , Catherine(malaria), and Philimon(vomiting) Grade 5 Juliet (wound) Grade 6 Anthony (stomach pain) The grade eight class is doing fine and […]

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