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School Report July 2018

July 15, 2018 / OMNI / School Reports

Dear Karen, The lessons at the OMNI school is going on so well. In grade one, concentration is much on the teaching of literacy and numeracy only. The average attendance is 37 of 40. Esther has an eye infection. Both eyes are swollen. The second graders are doing well academically. Chansa has itching eyes while […]

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School Update

July 4, 2018 / OMNI / OMNI News

Reference is made from the above mentioned matter. I have to report to you that: Welfare of staff members in reported to be fair and no illness was reported this week except for a staff’s relative who was involved in a road traffic accident and broke all his legs. He is currently admitted at Ndola […]

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Week 7 Report

June 30, 2018 / OMNI / School Reports

Dear Karen, All is well at school and all the lessons are going on so well. The teachers are doing well, and they are well health wise. The average attendance in grade one was 36 of 40. Gloria has malaria while Violet has a headache and fever. In grade 2 the average attendance was 31 […]

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Week 6 Report

June 22, 2018 / OMNI / School Reports

Dear Karen, The school resumed on Monday the 11th day of June after a one week break. Almost all the students have reported back except for a few who have not yet reported. All the teachers are doing very well. Last Friday, four of our 7th graders, two girls and two boys, represented our school […]

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Baluba Clinic

June 8, 2018 / OMNI / 2018 Mission Trip

Baluba is near the Congo border in Zambia. The medical team saw over 425 patients–treated for rotavirus, upper respiratory infections, mumps, malaria, hypertension, degenerative arthritis, ear infections, respiratory syncytial virus, chlamydia, and condylomata accumunata.

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Anderson Update

June 7, 2018 / OMNI / OMNI News

Anderson Mambwe, a young man Orphan Medical Network International helped with Seeds of Hope, came to visit the OMNI Medical team in Zambia. OMNI brought Anderson from Zambia to Virginia to perform surgery on his feet. He is now becoming a doctor. Watch the update video: Learn more about Anderson’s story:

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May Update

May 30, 2018 / OMNI / OMNI News

Dear Madam, I have to report to you that the site is safe and sound with normal working activities going on very well and all staff members are supportive to the organization in achieving her goals and objectives. All is set at Kuku lodge for the team to stay there in June. Security, all is […]

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