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September 16, 2021 / OMNI / School Reports

Dear Karen,

The school programs are going on well despite the country continued recording cases of COVID-19. There has never been a Covid case at our school.

The attendance in general for the students has been very good except for a few individuals. I have been engaging their parent/guardians on this issue but the response has not been very positive.

The students are doing well health wise except for a few with common complaints. The latest ones being, Banda who has malaria and is currently on medication, Aaron, Simoonga, Sara and Juliet have headaches and stomach upsets.

The general performance of the students is very good. Most students with an excellent attendance have an excellent academic performance as compared to those with poor attendance.

Teaching staff
All the teaching are are well and equal to their respective tasks.

Teacher Tikambenji Chibangu is expecting and will soon or later be requesting for a maternity leave.

Kelvin Kaputula has been employed by the government and this is his last month with the OMNI school. He will start teaching in government school in the northern region of Zambia.

Thanks for the continued support.


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