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June 15, 2021 / OMNI / School Reports

Dear Karen,

The school programs are going on well despite being in the third wave of Covid-19. Students have continued to learn numeracy, social and development studies, creative and technology studies, languages, literacy in both Bemba and English. Integrated and agricultural science, computer studies, geography, African and Zambian history and civic education.

As a school, we can not afford to lag behind in term of technology, hence the introduction of computer studies at grade 8 & 9 levels.

Concerning the teaching of sciences at the school, we need a stand alone science laboratory to house biology, chemistry and physics experiments.

The introduction if the 8th and 9 the grades have made it possible for most of our students to complete secondary school education. Only a few fail to make it to grade 12. My prayer is that the OMNI school reaches grade 12 one day, so that all the students enrolled to the school leave at 12th grade level.

The general attendance of our students has been good. Their academic performance has also been very good.

The week was injury and illness free.

All teachers are doing well.

Continued blessings,

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