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OMNI Christmas Gift Donations

November 29, 2021 / OMNI / OMNI News

Give the Gift of Love This Christmas


OMNI provides essential items to students such as food and clothing, but each Christmas, we will to give special gifts to those in need.

Share your blessings with those in desperate need

There are lots of urgent needs that you can help with. You can provide life sustaining food in an emergency. You can help supply shoes for our students. Our medical team needs a few supplies too. Your gifts at Christmas time also provide a special party for the students and teachers to celebrate together.

Support the missions of OMNI

You gift not only sustains the missions and good work of OMNI, but it helps those in dire need. Your gifts can go directly to those in need of urgent assistance.

Give a Christmas Gift to the OMNI Students

Donate now to be a part of this year’s Christmas celebration.

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