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March 22, 2021 / OMNI / School Reports

Dear Karen,

Classes are going on well and the students in upper grades have continued learning all the subjects except those in lower grades who just learn numeracy and literacy in both languages, Bemba and English.

So far, 39 students have reported in grade 8  of which 22 are girls 17 are boys respectively.

Classes will be conducted for 12 weeks this term because we had opened late. The break will be for 2 weeks in order to recover the lost week.


Grade 1
The average attendance was 46/50. Jackline has a stomach upset, William has malaria and is on medication.

Grade 2
The average attendance was 37/43. Abraham has fever.

Grade 3
The average attendance was 39/40. Francis has been vomiting and has fever.
Grade 4
The average attendance was 39/44.

Grade 5
The average attendance was 34/40.

Grade 6
The average attendance was 31/36.

Grade 7
The average attendance was 34/37.

Grade 8
The average attendance was 37/39.

Grade 9
The average attendance was 26/28.

I’ll attach a list of names of the new 8th graders next week for your consideration.

One teacher has a cough and fever and is on medication since Monday. The rest of the teaching staff are doing well.

Two of our teaching staff will be having their weddings this year.

Thanks for the continued support.


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