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Zambia in Crisis

April 9, 2020 / OMNI / OMNI News

Hunger in Zambia

More than two million people in Zambia are in need of food aid, following two years of poor rains and failed harvest. Due to failed harvests and late rains, there is nothing to eat for many rural families.

Since the rainy season has shifted to December, parts of the country are near famine, and many families surviving on one meal a day.

Not only does OMNI provide a meal for the students at the OMNI school, OMNI provides an emergency home feeding response and targeted interventions for the families as well.

With your help, OMNI can continue to support the surrounding community.

Donate to the Home Feeding Program

Any amount helps greatly.

$5 can feed a student for an entire week.

A $40 gift can help a whole family through this difficult time.

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