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Week 3 Report

September 30, 2018 / OMNI / School Reports

Dear Karen,

The school programs are going on so well. Students with chicken pox symptoms are being sent home so that their parents/guardians can take them to the clinic. We are advising patents not to let their children with symptoms to come to school.

We are done with all the preparations pertaining to the 7th grader's national examinations.

We have hired Lillian Mwewa as a stand-in teacher to teach the 3rd class till when Gift resumes work sometime in December.

The adult literacy class for women is now being taught by a Ms. Paxina Simulunda.

Grade 1
The average attendance is 38/40. Carol was complaining of stomachache.

Grade 2
The average attendance is 30/37. Jonathan has abdominal pain. Clara has not yet reported.

Grade 3
The average attendance is 27/32.

Grade 4
The average attendance is 21/26.

Grade 5
The average attendance is 27/32. Tresford has a stomachache while Rachael has chicken pox and is on treatment.

Grade 6
The average attendance is 27/31. Matuka and Emmanuel have not yet reported since classes started while Anthony attendance is very poor. He has only done 3 days so far.

Grade 7
The average attendance is 29/34.

Grade 8
The average attendance is 30/40.

I've summoned parents and guardians to the students who've not yet reported. I want to learn why their children are not coming for classes. I'll update you in due course.

Thanks for the continued support.


Teddy Kasongo
OMNI School Manager

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