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March 31, 2019 / OMNI / School Reports

Dear Karen,

The school programs have continued going on so well. We had a quiz competition against BCA school. Students from 1st to 8th grades competed in all the learning areas. Our school won the competition by 397 points to 383. It very encouraging and motivating to witness students competing academically.

This is motivating all the students to read and research more so that they are well informed.

I, on behalf of the students, teachers and indeed on my own behalf, would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to OMNI board and the sponsors for the purchase of new computers for the school computer laboratory. Thanks so much for the the donation.

The teaching staff have started preparing assessments for the end of term one. Am currently, going through all the assessments to make sure that they are credible before our students are assessed.

Each grade has been given a portion of land to cultivate and plant some vegetables. It's encouraging to see and witness the zeal in these wonderful students as they learn to some survival skills.


Grade 1
The average attendance is 37/40. Chrispin has neck pain.

Grade 2
The average attendance is 38/40. Michael has a stomachache.

Grade 3
The average attendance is 33/39. Dinah, Abigail and Hellen have malaria and are on medication while Aaron's leg is hurting.

Grade 4
The average attendance is 29/33. Fridah has wound while Mary and Agness have headaches respectively.

Grade 5
The average attendance is 26/29. Esther has a headache while George was bitten by a snake and he's condition is stable.

Grade 6
The average attendance is 26/30. Mirriam, Margret and Esther have malaria respectively. Michael has a stomachache while Danny has a headache.

Grade 7
The average attendance is 26/30.
All are well.

Grade 8
The average attendance is 35/36.

Grade 9
The average attendance is 23/34.

All the teachers are doing very well in their respective classes.

Thanks so much once more for the continued support in empowering our lovely and wonderful children through education.


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