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October 27, 2018 / OMNI / School Reports

Dear Karen,

The national examination for grades 7, 9 and 12 have been suspended indefinitely due to a grade 9 mathematics paper 2 which was leaked on social media. The Education Minister informed the national that a team of officers have been deployed to ascertain the extent of the leakage.

The national examination for the 7th grade was scheduled to start on the 5th to 9th November 2018. Provincial education officers have been summoned by the ministry of education headquarters in Lusaka to discuss the way forward on this matter.

Otherwise, the OMNI School is very ready for the examination and the students are equal to the the task.

On Thursday and Friday, we received some visitors from the US, who are working with Habitat for Humanity. They came to appreciate what OMNI is doing here in Zambia. They did a documentary about the school.

Grade 1,
The average attendance was 36/40. Alex, the boy with a wound on his chin, is on treatment.

Grade 2
The average attendance was 30/37. Chanda has a stomach upset.

Grade 3
The average attendance was 20/30. Timothy has a stomach upset while Agness has a headache.

Grade 4
The average attendance was 23/25.

Grade 5
The average attendance was 28/31.

Grade 6
The average attendance was 25/30. Gibson has a wound while Thomas has lost his young brother.

Grade 7
The average attendance was 26/34.

Grade 8
The average attendance was 30/41.

The women adult literacy class is also doing well.

All the teachers are doing well. Gift and her baby are also doing very well.

Thanks for the continued support.


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