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Mosquito Nets and Water Repairs

October 12, 2018 / OMNI / OMNI News

12th October 2018,

Dear Madam,

Reference is made from the above mentioned matter. I have to report to you that:

Students are reported to be in good health and no concerning illness was reported this week and staff members together with their families are equally in good health.
The Grade 7 pupils and the Teachers have gone to Nsobe for the educational trip.

The general work performance of staff members is appropriate and very supportive to the organization in achieving her goals and objectives.

WATER I am happy inform you that we successfully managed to connect the water tank and water supply is normal now and surge protectors have been installed. We paid for the water tank and did all repairs with the pumps.

The mosquito nets, the Total cost are K 29,000 for 27 staff members plus 269 students.

The Zambian government has increased the pump price for fuel; we are now buying petrol at K 16.4 per liter and Diesel at K 14.5 per liter.



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