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School Report July 2018

July 15, 2018 / OMNI / School Reports

Dear Karen,

The lessons at the OMNI school is going on so well.

In grade one, concentration is much on the teaching of literacy and numeracy only. The average attendance is 37 of 40. Esther has an eye infection. Both eyes are swollen.

The second graders are doing well academically. Chansa has itching eyes while Abigail and Clara have a headache and eye infection respectively. Average attendance is 33 of 38.

In grade 3, the average attendance is 30 of 32. No illnesses were recorded in this class.

Grade 4, average attendance is 23 of 26 and grade 5, the average attendance is 27 of 32. Esther growth on her finger is still giving her problems.

Grade 6, the average attendance is 27 of 31, Abel a headache and in 7th grade, average attendance is 29 of 34. Frank has a headache and stomachache.

8th grade, average attendance is 35 of 41.

There's need for the students to have new school uniforms. I submitted the budget to the accountant for your consideration.

Continued blessings,

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