Support Building Projects

Building a Sustainable Future

OMNI's mission is to serve vulnerable children in Zambia through community development, education, and medical care. Every project we plan attempts to help develop and teach the students of OMNI in order that they might be able to sustain themselves and their family.

OMNI manages various building projects at the OMNI School and OMNI Village, and, over the last few years, OMNI has built an entire school and supporting facilities. Thanks to generous supporters, OMNI completed the “Morgan Harrington Educational Wing” -- a three-room school in Ndola, Zambia.

OMNI has been working as a non-profit NGO in Zambia since 2001. They currently have a community building in which they educate over 330 children in grades 1-9. The need for a school is tremendous for these children as they have no ability to attend a school without the help of OMNI. They are the most impoverished children in this area and many can’t afford to be fed by their parents or care takers. OMNI provides a full hot meal every day, employs seven teachers, and provides school uniforms, their education, health care and shoes.