About OMNI

Anderson - One Child - One Story

Anderson's story is just one example of OMNI's work. There are thousands of stories of OMNI serving those in need.

Who We Are

Since its founding in 1989, OMNI has focused on medical care for vulnerable children around the world. OMNI's mission has taken them to Russia, South Korea, and now Zambia.The infectious passion of co-founder Karen Rae Throckmorton has now spread to many who participate in OMNI's mission around the world.Since 2001, OMNI has had a major influence on the care of vulnerable children in the Copperbelt Province of northern Zambia. Medical teams consisting of physicians, nurses and support staff have made several trips to that area. The effort began with mobile medical clinics and has grown into the building and staffing and most recently the opening of schools supported by OMNI. After several trips to Zambia to experience the needs, OMNI's mission has been refocused to a more holistic approach. OMNI's foundation in providing health care for children remains a strong commitment. However, the mission has grown to to serveĀ  vulnerable children and the communities in which they live through education and community development.OMNI's entire staff is volunteer and receives no salary. The board of directors consists of committed business professionals and community leaders who also volunteer their time.

OMNI is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

OMNI Board of Directors

Karen Rae Throckmorton, RN, NCBF President, Co-Founder, Rotary Club Co-President
President, Medical Team Coordinator
North Carolina

Henry Maicki II
Second Vice President, Spiritual Advisor

Dr. Henry Maicki, MD
Medical Team Director

Charles Koch

Kathy McKelvey
Secretary, Child Sponsorship Coordinator

Pete Eliadis

Wendy Lawrence

Louise Sebazungu, NP

Cynthia Strieter, MD

Jon Wilhelm